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photo guide for portrait shootings in paris

My Paris Photo Tour BT-40.jpg

Honeymoon and

Trash the dress

Honeymoon in Paris? 💌 😍
Do you want to know how to make your photos so they will be perfect? ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

The most beautiful city of the world is a perfect place for your Trash the dress or honeymoon photo shoot. keep reading to learn how, when and where!

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how to do a autumn portrait shoot

If you visit Paris in the autumn, visit the parks and avenues and do not hesitate to take advantage of the colors for your photos of your couple, your family or your artist's book. In this article you find how, when and how to do them.

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Summer great portrait spots

Summer is here. For a photo session in Paris, in summer, you can take advantage of all the parks, the morning walks, the monuments and streets that are emptied of the Parisians. In addition, in summer there is a whole series of things that happen in the city.

My Paris Photo Tour FAMILY Trocadero 1.j

how to do family portraits in paris

If you come as a family and want to know which places are adapted for each age and where to have natural photos doing more than one session, we leave you some of the best proposals we know.


photograph your baby at your home in Paris

If you are thinking of taking pictures of your baby at home and you do not know very well where to start, we leave you with a series of tips so that you always keep the memory of these unique and unrepeatable moments. Be with your own camera or calling one of our photographers, try putting them into practice.

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engagement shooting

in paris

¿Te has decidido a dar el gran paso y hacer LA pregunta aquí en París?

Enhorabuena!! ¡Cuánta emoción!

París es la ciudad más bella del mundo, y la más romántica, pero también es una mega ciudad, así que si te preguntas cómo, cuándo y dónde hacer tu pedida de mano, sigue leyendo este artículo que te lo explicamos :)..


portraits in winter

Winter came and it's cold to go out there to take pictures. But not all is lost. Winter is very unique: haze, trees without leaves and coffee rates. Discover how to make your portraits and not go too cold.

My Paris Photo Tour FAMILY Palais Royal

how to photograph kids in paris

If you are visiting Paris as a family, you are sure to ask where to go to see the best of Paris and also get beautiful portraits of the kids without it being a whole task. Keep reading and find out

My Paris Photo Tour Lucile PRb-22.jpg

best photo locations for fashionists

That you love fashion, you are a tireless instagramer, you want to get away from it as an influencer and have fun posing, as you continue reading to discover routes that will take you on 100% photogenic paths.

My Paris Photo Tour entreamigas-49.jpg

with friends and bachelor.ette party

Estás de visita con tus amigas y amigos o acaso,  ¿se viene la boda del año y están organizando una despedida de soltera o de soltero en París? ¡Yuhu!! es hora de sacar las pelucas y divertirse. Te mostramos dónde, cuándo y cómo organizar una actividad distinta, entretenida y apta para tu álbum de foto para que no te olvides nunca de este viaje.

MyParisPhotoTour SyJ-66.jpg

best spring photo spots for portraits

Spring arrives and the city fills with colors. The light is warm, the days are long. If you visit Paris at this time and you want to take some pictures, we show you the particular places to take into account.

My Paris Photo Tour Treasurehunt-1.jpg

great family photo activities

You will immerse yourself directly in the action of this treasure hunt and photo report, designed for families and totally adapted to the age of the participants.

My Paris Photo Tour Ray-11.jpg

artist book, go to the centre of Paris

Come and discover a photographic journey to make artist photos in the center of Paris. Discover the best and most original frames to take photos without leaving the usual routes of your trip.

photo guide of paris for photographers



Paris has one of those silhouettes that are recognized wherever you go. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Sacré Coeur, Notre-Dame, the Cupola of the Invalides, the buildings of the Défense. Camera in hand, we invite you to discover those terraces in height from where you will get im ...

My Paris Photo Tour nieve e.jpg


Photographing Paris with little hard snow. And if we are lucky, in addition to snow, we have sun ... We leave you with the list of the best places to photograph this winter 2018 before the snow goes away for a whole year ...

MyParisPhotoTour panorama Montmartre-001


You want photos but little time for queues, here is our list of the favorite places to photograph the silhouette of Paris, of almost immediate access and that do not cost you a penny. The best, with tripod in hand and panoramic patella, you will achieve those photographs that if ...

My Paris Photo Tour vitesse seine 1.jpg


Long exposure photography is based on accentuating the sharpness of static objects in contrast to the movement of moving objects. The result is a series of lines that follow the trajectory of this movement and that give photography a very special visual texture. You want to try it on the Seine, we tell you where.



In these days when temperatures rise and rise or fall and fall, we leave you some strategies and places to photograph Paris and not melt or freeze in the attempt.

MyParisPhotoTour Opera Garnier Cariatide


The Opera Garnier is one of the most important buildings in Paris. The eclectic facade constitutes the summit of the style of the Second Empire and the architectural ensemble gathers a vast number of taste testimonies of the second half of the 19th century. XIX We propose you a...

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