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Have you decided to take the big step and ask THE question here in Paris? Congratulations!! There is nothing like the city of love for a lovely engagement. The Eiffel Tower, unusual little corners, hidden corners. Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, and the most romantic, so it's a perfect place. It is also a mega city, so maybe you wonder how, when and where to do it... keep reading this article, we show you how to keep some photos of this unique moment, or if you have any doubts, contact us.

Where to propose in Paris?


Let's start at the beginning ...

Paris offers more than one option, so the main thing is to decide what kind of proposal you want, based on how you are as a couple:

- Do you want something more classic, with the Eiffel Tower?

- Are you looking for something less iconic and take advantage of the streets of Paris in a less crowded environment?

- Is the vanguard your thing and are you looking for a different Paris?


Photos with the Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel tower is seen from many places in Paris which will make it possible to go to several points of the city. The important thing, if you are thinking of something more than a "moment", is to see how you get to this site and from here what you can or want to do afterwards. The classic places are Trocadero, the Champ de Mars, or one of the bridges such as Bir Hakeim, the pasarela Debilly or the bridge Alexandre III.


Photos with Parisian air:

Well there's more than one option. We advise you always to keep close to the water since the river is really beautiful and the docks are very well arranged. You can also take advantage of some of the parks in the city, especially the one in the Tuileries, which is very central but large enough so that you can have privacy in the side wings.


The other Paris:

Here we talk about infinite options. There are streetart, museums, terraces, parks, forests ... really a world of endless possibilities. If you feel like it, we will help you locate the perfect place for you.

When to make your proposal in Paris so the engagements photos go well?

This is the most important part. And here we do not talk about the season of the year since Paris is always beautiful, but we talk about the time.

The golden rule: the sooner you get there, the fewer people will be. Therefore, the proposal is ideal to do it in the morning, when the sun rises. In winter the sun is around 9:00 am, but in summer it is longer between 7:00 am and 8:00 am ...

The second golden rule: avoid weekends because parks and gardens are filled since early hours. Not only Parisians take advantage of public spaces but also there are more tourists on weekends.

The third rule: if you are not the kind to wake up early, or prefer privacy, you have to think of a plan B. That is, look for little crowded places for THE moment or go in unusual hours.


How to get engagement photos?


If you come for free then you can ask someone to give you a hand and make a video or some pictures of your moment. Do not hesitate to call a friend, or if you are going to be alone, place your mobile on a tripod ... -look for a place without many people that will take it with them...- and if you do not want to take the risk, know that we will adapt to you and how you want this moment.

Surprise session or warning?


If you decided on a session, the first thing to do is to define if you want the photos to be programmed or planned as a surprise to avoid suspicion.


1. pretend that they are going to a "normal" photo session.

The good thing about doing this is that you both will come very handsome and with all the encouragement for a session. Also, starting from the trust from the beginning so you can do things like place the coats near the photographer, etc, sometimes is easier to know who is in front of you.


2. pretend that you are going to visit the area and that our photographer approaches and "improvise" a session.

The good thing about making a proposal in this way is that it has a tremendous surprise effect because nobody suspects a photographer who is looking for clients or a wilful old friend who carries a camera and aims to take a picture ... The only "but" is that your partner may not want to have some photos taken, but there you are to convince him/her. So if this option is the one that calls you, we organize ourselves to make it look really surprising.

How to choose when to ask THE question?


Already defined if you want to say or not if you are going to take photos, because it remains to define whether you want to ask for your hand at the beginning of the session or towards the end. It depends on whether you think you can not contain your nerves, the type of photo you want left of this moment, or how you would take it by proposing in a place with people. In any case, we all agree that it is a surprise and we must keep it that way until that moment. To help you decide you have to know that the session has several moments.


First we say "hello" and then we will go through the places and they will be asked to do or say things. That is always the case in our sessions. Yeap, it is not just to pose and smile, the idea is to leave the comfort zone and have fun.


Make the proposal at the beginning of the photos:

Surprise session or programmed, we will meet in some area of ​​easy access -ie, with people- and we will take you to more private spaces. If you want to propose already in the first location -which we have defined before-you have to let us make one or two photos before to calibrate the light and the frame. The rest of the session will be full of emotions, but of course, you will not be able to talk much :)


Propose towards the middle of the engagement shooting:

We will ask your partner to do or say things during the first moments of the shooting. And at this point we will ask you (and chan chan chan chan!). This heats up the motors to get used to the photographer, and then gives time to take a romantic photo afterwards.


Make the request towards the end:

The good thing about this is that they will be really more relaxed about the photos and there will be a feeling of total confidence, nor will they see that the photographer is ... Also in this case during the session, things are done to remember the way they have made to be here. It is ideal if after the request you prefer to be alone or want to organize another activity.

And the video?

In a normal session there is only one photographer, but if you want someone with a video camera it is also possible with an additional budget.

And the little details?

It is your proposal and your engagement photo shoot, so if you want to add flowers, balloons, or something, let us know to organize it.


Now, let's have a look at some emplacements:

1. Photos with the Eiffel Tower:

Trocadero Well, dear reader,Trocadero takes the hat of the best framing for a request of hand. The Eiffel Tower is aligned and looks very close unlike places like Bir Hakeim, the Champ de Mars, etc. It is a magical place but ... but ... but it has a great "but" and it is filled with people. So for your photos of the big moment, we show you how the session develops so you can see the frames and decide if you get up early or see what options there are.


We started in the great Trocadero esplanade. It is not the best place for the request because there are always people but it is where we are going to meet and in a "normal" session it is useful to change the rhythm and enter the mode -photos-. If we make the "photographer looks for clients" version, then we will not take pictures in this area but it is our meeting point.

alone with the tower

In this area is where we would stop to make the proposal at the beginning of the engagement photo shoot. Although the picture is not seen, in general there are people around. It is perhaps the most beautiful photo but it is not the most private and sometimes there are other photographers right next to you.

That's why you have to come very early and know that there will be other people who will see what is happening. From here we will advance to the other locations normally to finish between the gardens or the river.

gardens & Fountains

Here, by the fountains, the proposal is made in the middle of the engagement photo shoot and it is usually the area where you can have the Eiffel tower in the back but still some privacy.

As for the gardens, Trocadero has many areas of gardens. They are beautiful and far from people. but they also hide the Eiffel Tower among the foliage of the trees. In spring and autumn they are very good because the colors are very beautiful but in winter they are a bit sad because there are no leaves.In summer, they are all green, but there are areas of flowers planted nearby.

by the seine river

For hand requests at unusual times or for those seeking privacy, we include this area to reach the edges of the Seine.

It is a place very little travelled that allows a great intimacy and therefore it is perfect to do your proposal when not waking up early or if one of you is really timid.

This photo would be made at the end of the engagement shooting, from here you can enjoy this moment alone or it may be the end of this stage and from here continue to take photos in Bir Hakeim or in the center of Paris.

2. Photos in Paris centre

If you know Paris well and you want to make your order in a different place than the Eiffel Tower, we propose a personalized accompaniment for you to choose the best place.

Sure we privilege the edges of the Seine, where there are trees, and depending on the season and the time you want to make your proposal, we will go more to the area of ​​the Louvre - Tuileries, or to the area of ​​the Islands.

Pont des Arts

3. Sunset photo shoot

At sunset, when the city fills with people, it is best to take advantage of the small streets near the Seine.

The reason is that there are always small places further away from the noise where you order.

Depending on the station we will choose one way or another.

The Alexandre III Bridge is also beautiful, but it would be necessary to go, in this case, in a really late night session to avoid cars and 500,000 visitors.

ile de la cité

vista Grand Palais

4. the Other Paris

If yours is a more alternative wave, look for unusual places and far from the normal routes, we suggest you to accompany you in one of the unusual neighborhoods of Paris. As you prefer your proposal at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the session, we will propose a particular route with street art, metro, or why not one of the forests of Paris. We know the city to find the perfect place for this great day.

parques del sena


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