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Preparing for your photo tour in Paris

A photo shooting in Paris is one of a life occasion to keep nice memories forever. You can try a little something that will make this moment special.

What to wear for my session?

Most of our photo shootings take place in exteriors, so changing might be a little bit difficult. However, you can bring different easy looks for the shooting; adding a sweater, a coat or a scarf will make the photos different!

Be yourself but don't be afraid to give your outfit that special touch for this special day: try that vaporous pale pink dress in the back of your closet or bring a white and red striped t-shirt. If you are a guy, do not hesitate to wear your silk scarf, your moto-jacket or your winter hat!

Try to stay away from wearing black clothes and try something with color. If you really want to wear your new black dress, then bring along colourful accessories. The city is mainly gray, black and white, so one of the best colours to use in Paris is red, or electric bleu.

SPECIAL TIP: We will walk so take care of your feet. You can use your high heels for the glamour shots but bring some flat shoes for the walking. Also, if you are planning on changing, make sure you can do it in a public space. Access to toilets is limited during the tour.

IMPORTANT: in Autumn and winter it can be very cold. Check out the time prior to your shooting so you will bring a right outfit. If you are too cold, we will see it in the photos.

I like fantasy, could I bring some accessories?

Accessories are very important in photo sessions.
YES!!! Definitely yes!

Beyond traditional earrings and necklaces that are always a “must”, we suggest you add some of these: a summer or winter hat, crazy sunglasses, a big ring, a big scarf. Why not bringing a red/pink/yellow umbrella!


Make-up & Hair

You have to come completely ready for the shooting. We will not do your hair or make-up. What they say is true, photos are sometimes better if you wear a little bit more make-up than usual. So try a color base, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick! Bring them all along! Prepare your hair! Let it shine and if you want, you might change it to a pony tail, a big chignon, or a lateral tress.

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